A message from our President


When SB Adventures was founded in September 2000, the vision was to help firms achieve breakthrough results.  My work experience with Fortune 100 companies on a global scale reinforced the importance of the contributions of individuals in this objective.  Many organizations fail to achieve greatness because it didn’t achieve organizational alignment on the core objectives.  Employees and management are disconnected and this disconnection creates tension that impedes progress and growth. 


On the other hand, organizations that do have this alignment are outpacing the growth and profitability of their competition. This is because, the resources of the organization are fully deployed to achieve the core objectives.  Over the past 12 years I have helped organizations improve quality, regulatory compliance, supply-chain efficiency, operational efficiency while also significantly reducing operational costs.  Because these improvements are sustainable, the results keep delivering benefit.




Mr. Palabrica has over twenty-five years experience in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.  During this time he has been involved in several patents for new drugs that he discovered, as well as global product development, sourcing/procurement, quality assurance, and logistics operations that have achieved over $1 Billion in savings.


Our Commitment to Your Specific Needs


Other firms try to sell you their canned package with promises of savings that often are never realized.  Our approach starts with a detailed evaluation of your particular needs and challenges.  Then we design an approach that will achieve measurable results for your business and achieve buy-in from your organization.  We have a broad range of knowledge that covers a number of industries. We stay with you during the process to make sure that you have a sustainable solution. Call us today to discuss your particular needs.

Text Box: “Our only goal is to help your businesses achieve sustainable success.”

C.A. Palabrica
Text Box: “Your Program made me think about what was possible.  Then it gave me the energy to achieve it.  - Thank You!”

A Leadership Program Participant