The sum is greater than the parts.

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The global economy has created opportunity as well as challenges.† The current economic challenges require organizations to tap the passion and creativity of its workforce at unprecedented levels.† Firms must deliver exceptional value to its customers while preserving its own ability to invest and grow.† Furthermore, the global economic crisis coupled with high rates of unemployment further challenge the business landscape.† Or, is it an opportunity to redefine what your organization does?


Company Profile


SB Adventures was founded to help firms develop and implement sustainable business practices that help them compete in the global economy.


Our emphasis is on developing human and capital resources to achieve results through planning, communication, and execution of business plans that tap the creativity and passion of a firms employees.† This ensures that an organization can continue to innovate and remain competitive in a global marketplace.


Our mission is to help organizations unlock the potential of the resources available to them.


The cornerstone of our effort is to help organizations create sustainable relationships with their employees, suppliers and the communities in which they operate.


Key Areas of Expertise


 Supply-Chain Management/Security

 Business Planning and Execution

 Supplier Development/Sourcing

 Manufacturing Efficiency/Quality

 Transportation and Logistics

 Performance Management

 Product Life-Cycle Management


The Sum is Greater than the Parts...

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